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“European Regions (Italy, Spain and Greece) produce the only quality extra virgin olive oil”

People who are new to olive oil often assume that the best variable in an extra virgin olive oil’s quality is it country of origin or “appellation”.  There is a misconception that the European growers are exclusively producing highest quality olive oil.  The reality is that the best taste and quality olive oil comes from olives that are fresh from harvest.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the first crush of the olive.  The best flavor comes from olives fresh from harvest.

By importing extra virgin olive oil from regions in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, our product is always in season.  In the Northern Hemisphere, Europe and the Mediterranean, olives are harvested and pressed from September to January.  In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and South America, olives are harvested from May to July.

“Cold Press” is a misnomer

In order to abstract the oil from the olive, the olives must be heated while they are pressed.  The International Olive Council (IOC) is an international trade organization that has set standards for extra virgin olive oil.  The standard for cold press is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our importer has a close relationship with each of our olive growers around the world and has set higher standards for the crush.  Our olives are crushed below 69 degrees Fahrenheit.  By crushing at a lower temperature, the health benefits and flavor of the olive is retained in the oil. 

“Olive Oil does not have a High Smoke Point”

The higher quality the olive oil … the higher the smoke point.  The higher the oleic acid and the lower the free fatty acid, the higher the smoke point and the better it is for heat applications.  The smoking point of extra virgin olive oils can be as high as 410 degrees Fahrenheit, or as low as 330 degrees, depending on its properties. 

Yes, you can fry with EVOO!