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First Crush


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the first crush of the olive.  The best flavor comes from olives fresh from harvest.

By importing extra virgin olive oil from regions in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, our product is always in season.  In the Northern Hemisphere, Europe and the Mediterranean, olives are harvested and pressed from September to January.  In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and South America, olives are harvested from May to July.

Flavor profiles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil range from mild to robust.  Mild flavors make great cooking oils and medium and robust flavors are best to dip bread or create marinades and dressings.

There are taste and aroma nuances that vary among extra virgin olive oils and may be described as...  

Sweet or Bitter
Herbaceous:  Grassy, Fig Leaf, Artichoke
Green:  Apple, Banana, Tomato
Fruity:  Lime, Lemon, Passionfruit
Fragrant:  Floral, Perfumed
Spice:  Cinnamon, Pepper
Nutty:  Almond, Pine Nut, Toasted Nut
Balsamic Vinegar is Traditional Style Condimento, aged up to 18 years, resulting in a thick, sweet, luscious syrup. 

Our Balsamic Vinegar is of the highest quality and is made in Modena, Italy from cooked, high quality, caramelized, grape must from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes.